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March 13, 2010

Hands down Microsoft Security Essentials.

I have also used AVG and it is also a good one, but none have come close to MS own solution.

This software is free and easy to install.

1. Download the software

2. Easy to install, just click run, next next ect. (Just accept the defaults)

3. Once installed, update and run.

If You think you have a virus?

1. After installed if you are ever afraid that you have a virus, click the icon on the bottom right hand corner of your task-bar.  (It may be Green, Red, Or yellow).

2. Once clicked press  the “Update” tab and update.

3. When this is complete click the “scan now” tab and scan now.

Note: If MS Security Essentials informs you to upgrade or anything else, be sure to click those buttons before you scan.

Never click on any message that pops up telling you to run any form of anti-virus from that window. That message may be a virus posing as an anti-virus software. More on this: here
I have tried many anti viruses over the last 12 years. As a matter of fact, up till a few years ago I never used anti-virus software becuase I found them to be useless and slow down the computer without helping. The paid solutions that most companies I have supported use manged soltuions such as Norton and Symentec antivirus. I found these programs to be almost worse then viruses themselves.

Anti-Virus software is a prime example that in the world of computer software paid soltuions are not always  better, in fact they are many times worse.

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