How to setup credit card with VirtueMart- And Best Service To choose.

April 21, 2011

This guide is assuming your Joomla website and Virtuemart component are both already setup.



Although your website can be configured to work with dozens of online merchant services, here are the two most popular ones for accepting credit cards. (Please note that it is possible to accept both methods)

Option 1:   PayPal
I do not suggest this. The reason being that when a person purchases with PayPal they have to check off “PayPal” as their preferred payment method which then directs them to PayPal’s site to complete the purchase. I feel that this looks unprofessional and could lead the customer to second guess his purchase. This is just my opinion.

Option 2:
This looks like the most professional option. can be integrated directly with the website so that when the user checks out, they fill out the form and it chargers their card then will notify you. runs about $20 a month and $99 down. For more details on the pricing click here:

How to sign up for’s service:
1. Apply online @ or call 1-888-323-4289
2. Sign up for an “Online Merchant Account”

When this is complete, What you need to setup
1. API Login ID
2. Transaction Key


Setting up in Virtue-Mart

1. In Joomla admin, click  “Virtuemart”
2. Under “Store” on the left hand side of the screen, click “List payment methods”
3. Select credit card and make sure that the green check mark is to the left of it. If not click on the red circle to make active.
4. Click “Credit Card”
5. Enter your “ API Login ID”
6. “Transaction Key”
7. Move “Test mode ?” to “no”
8. click “save”


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