Samsung Galaxy Note 8 – Case Reviews – No Adds, No Bull – Protection, QI, Card Holder, Magnetic &Slim

October 19, 2017

The phone is the best, great jump from a note 5. But it’s fragile ( Just like the Note5)


My Criteria:

Case must be:


Very slim
Seamless with infinity screen bezel (Almost)
Card holder
Metal for magnetic Mount
Allow QI Wireless charging throug the case – (Failed to find this with card holder / metal but popping the phone out to charge wirlessley is easy and I do it each day)


Screen Protector Criteria:

Feels like Glass


Easy to attach and no bubbles

Works with case

Cores edges without noticeably


How I tested:

I literarly orderd all of the below cases and screens. Then I copy and pasted them from my cart. The winner hands down is at the bottom of post/

I do not make any money off the below,


This case meets all of the citeria except for the metal insert and the wireless charging passthrough.
Insert at metal card on top of others to magnet mount.
Second place:
his case meets all of the citeria except for wireless charging.
Bulky, buttons fall out sometimes when removing case. BUT the amazon reviews that are negative are bull.
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