The Easy Guide To Using Your Blackberry As An IPod/MP3 Player

March 17, 2010

This describes an alternate method of using your blackberry as an MP3. It is much easier then using blackberries desktop software and using their playlist system.

1. Buy a Micro SDHC card. Any brand or size will work. The bigger the better.

2. Remove the batter from your blackberry and insert the microSDHC card. Depending on the model it could be in different spots.

3. Plug your blackberries’ USB cable into your computer.

4. Your blackberry will ask you if you would like to use it as a mass storage device. Select "yes"

5. On your computer double click on the "My Computer" icon on your desktop. You should now see a new drive, Click on it.
(Your computer sees your blackberry as being a drive like a thumbdrive or USB hard drive)

6. Once you click on this blackberry drive you can drag and drop your MP3 files directly onto your blackberry drive.

7. After they are done copying, disconnect your blackberry from your computer.

8. On your blackberry navigate to the "media" icon and click it.

9. Find the "music" icon and press the "options" key on your blackberry. (that is the one with the little spots on it)

10. Select "Explore"

11. Select "media" card.

12. You should now see your mp3 files or folders containing the mp3s. You can click on a file to play the song or you can press the options key again and select "play all"

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